Sunday, March 23, 2014

A Slow News Day...

Or maybe  it's me.  It is overcast, Richie is hacking and coughing around with a cold...both cats and the bird are napping.  Not much to get excited about. 

To get here, I had to pass through AOL's version of the  "news" and one headline was screaming about how the Chinese "edited" Michelle Obama's message which made me grin.  Let's now see if Obama jets over to China to give them a piece of his mind.  "Make no mistake" looking stern and pointing an index finger...

Still in the news is the unfortunate L'Wren Scott.  At this moment her dead ass is being flown to Los Angeles, presumably so that post-funeral Mick can fly back to Australia somewhat faster than from New York or London.

Scott's mother and sister are up in arms; they've already got a marked burial spot for her - "So why is the boyfriend's oldest daughter touring cemeteries for a burial spot?"  they demand.     Scott's brother has sided with Jagger.  Wouldn't want to be at their Easter dinner, would you?  Flying forks and not into the food.

Knowing that the deceased was 6 ft. 4 in. I began to wonder whether she would have to have a designer casket (or be buried with her knees bent) so I looked it up.  The average casket is 7 ft. long, 2.3 ft. wide and 1.9 ft. deep.   The funeral industry reports that the average person after death is 5 ft. tall, 1 1/2 ft. wide and 6 in. high, lying flat. 

Today's LA Times Travel section has an article on thieves in hotels.  This is certainly as bold as brass - the thief waits until the maid is in the room cleaning and darts in saying, "I'll just be a minute - I forgot my (whatever valuable item is lying in plain view) - grabs it and runs out the door. 

The best way not to lose anything is to leave it at home, but if you absolutely have to have Grannie's pearl necklace to wear at Auntie Mame's fifth wedding, photograph it next to something with the current day on it.    And ask the hotel desk to put it, clearly labeled, in their safe. 

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