Saturday, February 15, 2014

Viva Amor!

Dear friends Bob and Pat descended from their lair in the trees of Claremont yesterday - Bob wanted to go sailing (and did) Pat wanted to take advantage of a store's going out of business sale (she didn't - they'd gone before she got here.) 

And they wanted to have dinner at Havana Mania (previously reviewed.)  I knew it was Friday night and Valentine's Day to boot, but I didn't think of Havana Mania as a Valentine's "destination" dinner.  Wonderful place, great service, good food - yes.  Romantic?  Er, not particularly. 

It was jam-packed!  Whole families from grandparents down to screaming babies (and who could blame them?  The noise level was tremendous.)  And then the band came on at 7:50 p.m.  Maracas, drums and a lovely lady singing while conversational noise rolled through the place.   Screams of delight were heard but whether for a favorite song or an inbound relative?  Dunno.  I just know it was lively and Viva Amor!

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