Wednesday, February 12, 2014

A Morning Full of Shocks

Some good; others not so good as you will read.

Good:  the Daily Breeze published my letter to the editor:

Where are all these people smoking on the beach?

"Manhattan Beach snuffs out smoking" Feb. 6

This is not exactly the City council's shining hour.  Based on a population of 35,135 people (2010,)  11 per cent equals 3,846 people who smoke in Manhattan Beach. 

I rarely go to Manhattan Beach, so I have missed seeing the wall of people standing on the beach chain-smoking and throwing cigarette butts onto the sand and into the ocean.  Can anyone tell me when this happens?  I'd like to see it.
     Nina Murphy,  Redondo Beach

Meh in the shock department - We had to park down on the very bottom level of the garage at the gym today.  We were so far down that there was no cell service which is no bad thing.  When Richie came down (he lasts longer than I do) I said, "I won't say we're pretty far down here, but there's a hole in the wall behind those cars and I saw three Chinese guys come out of it..."

THE WORST  The Ladies Locker-room has a dog-leg entrance so no one can see us in our altogethers.  This morning I walked through it and straight in my line of vision was ... what I at first thought was a sumo wrestler's back, er, view, bending away from me.  That nanosecond passed and my mind screamed, "I'm gonna go blind" in real fear!  I squinched my eyes shut in shock.  It was awful.  Just remembering it scares me retroactively. 

But:  God bless her - yes, she was obese, but she was at the gym and (presumably) doing something about it.  Go, Girl - but for God's sake throw away the thong and buy some grannie pants, okay? 

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