Saturday, February 22, 2014

The Not-Very-Smart Sparrow

We have a pair of hummingbird feeders out on the balcony.  We do a good business with hummingbirds, but there is a sparrow who visits and tries in vain to drink their sugar water.  He/she doesn't realize that humminbgirds have long beaks for a reason - to suck up the last bit of nectar in a flower - which is why their feeders are so very different.

The sparrow's beak is 'way too short, but undeterred He/she keeps coming back.  It's really funny to watch it trying to get a foothold on the perches - He/she has much bigger feet than a hummingbird! 

What prompted this was that movement outside the office window caught my eye and it was said sparrow, perched cockily on a branch of the avocado tree looking in at me.  I could swear He/she winked as if to say, "Today I'm gonna nail it!  Better buy more sugar!" 

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