Thursday, February 27, 2014

Richie Makes the Paper. Again!

Richie is not one to keep his mouth shut instead of complaining.  Most recently the local news has been screaming about the drought here.  We are being urged to conserve water at all costs. 

Meanwhile another war is being waged on our front -- the California bullet train from Los Angeles to San Francisco - duration of the ride?  Three hours.  At the moment it is projected to cost $68.5 billion and be finished in 2033.

Since one can fly from LAX to SFO in less than an hour, I fail to see the advantages of the bullet train, but I have kept my mouth shut.  Not so Richie:

Daily Breeze,  Wed., 2/25/2014

Use the bullet train money on desalination projects

Dear Sirs:

Everyone is talking about the drought, but is anyone doing anything to correct it?  No.  There is, however, lots of talk about the bullet train and how much it will cost.

Take that  money and use it for desalination plants.  What is more important - a high-speed rail or drinking  water and enjoying the fruits and vegetables the water allows?

Sincerely, Richie Murphy

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