Friday, February 7, 2014


My epistle to the Daily Breeze didn't run today (no surprise,) but a good friend's letter to the LA Times did run this morning. 

Steve Switzer is a former South Bay Writers Workshop member who is a very talented writer.  I'll try to duplicate  the headline and reference as it appears in the Times.

Just hold your fire
Re: "A manhunt and bad judgment," Editorial February 6

(the letter)
I'm a retired cop - a former lieutenant with the L.A. County Sheriff's Department, actually.  As such when it comes to officer-involved shootings, I'm naturally biased in favor of the officers.  I steadfastly try not to second guess them.

Startlingly, I find myself in complete agreement with your editorial supporting the decision by Los Angeles Police Chief Charlie Beck that the officers who fired at a truck carrying two women last February violated departmental policy.

Of course those cops were jumpy and nervous.  But "jumpy and nervous" is precisely is what police training is designed to overcome.  They put themselves in crossfire and blasted more than 100 rounds.  Unthinkable. 

An attorney would probably call it negative hiring, negative retention and failure to train.  I call it stupidity.  I was involved in four such incidents; having been shot myself, I know whereof I speak.

Steve Switzer
San Pedro


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