Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Utah's Official State Snack Is - Jell-0!

So says Food and Wine with no further explanation when it arrived yesterday.
Jim Meehan, owner of Manhattan's PDT, explains why he and others serve $15 "craft cocktails."  Basically, it's to p ay the rent in a better part of town than the local steel foundry. 

He tells us that he started with a paper menu and $11 cocktails.  But then he replaced the pleather seats with real leather and bought new oak tables... and then he switched out the paper menus for leather-bound ones that cost him $50 each -- and then whines that they lose two every week because people keep them!  I find no sympathy for him in my stony, little heart.  No one held a gun to his head and made him upgrade.

And I can't believe the Mafia is making him buy hand-carved ice (At $1 a filled glass) from an ice sculpturor either.

He remarks, "I'm lucky; I run a small, specialized bar in a big city, so it doesn't have to appeal to everyone."  Translation:  "This town is fulla suckahs and more are flying in every week"    O P.T. Barnum, what have you wrought?

Locally, Hudson House served a $12 Bloody Mary, but:  it came with a pair of enormous grilled shrimp on a skewer across the top of the glass.  Made for a great appetizer.
An Irish guy named Cathel Armstrong has written "My Irish Table" and Food and Wine excerpted three of his "rules" -

1.  For people who like onions - chop up an entire yellow onion and 1/4 cup chives and mix with six hardboiled eggs for egg salad sandwiches.

2.  Save the leftover mashed potatoes!  Add an egg and some flour, mix well and make potato pancakes.  This is not exactly brain surgery...

3.  Before you put the "lid" on an individual pot pie, turn a ramekin upside down on the meat-vegetable mix and then put the lid on.  This is said to keep the pastry from "drowning" in the bubbling liquid. 

Now that you've eaten up the leftovers and saved some pennies, either fly to NY for a $15 drink or buy a box of Jell-0 and salute Utah!

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