Sunday, February 16, 2014

Just Lazing Around

Browsing  the "Comments" sections of several newspapers, I noted with amusement the many that asked why couldn't both Obamas have gotten on Air Force 1; he could have dropped her off in the mountains to ski (her way home) and gone on his merry way to California?   

No answer here, but it did make me wonder how other European biggies get around so I looked it up. 

Former French President Sarkozy ordered a $230 million Airbus A330-220 in 2012 because it was said at the time, that he was jealous of Air Force One.  The French press , an irreverent group on a good day, promptly dubbed it "Air Carla One."

Queen Elizabeth II thriftily avoids the expense involved in plane maintenance, hangar space, etc. by chartering the appropriate-sized jet from British Air.  

German Chancellor Angela Merkel has to share a pair of Airbus 319s with other top government officials.  Off topic, pronouncing her first name with a hard "g" always unnerves me.  

It is a sort-of-sunny day here and the crossword puzzles beckon.   Plenty of time to do the laundry tomorrow.  Have a great day!

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