Tuesday, November 5, 2013

There's Rich - And Then There's Ridiculous

Obviously the December issue of Architectural Digest arrived yesterday.  I have to give the staff fist bumps because they never disappoint.  What art works merited how many millions at auction; the grounds and interiors of well-known people... there was a very funny letter talking about the Tom Brady and Giselle Bundchen home which is quoted here:

"...I think it might be laying it on a little thick to emphasize the eco-friendliness of a 14,000 sq. ft. home with it's own pool, pond and moat."

I try to keep you apprised of the Very Upscale Housing Market just in case you've won a substantial Lotto.

Lisbon, Portugal - six bedrooms, five baths and two half baths - $11.5 million.  For that kind of money I would expect each bedroom to have its own bath - none of this sharing stuff. 

Plettenberg Bay, South Africa - six bedrooms, six baths and 21,500 sq. ft. to run around nekkid in.  A rather reasonable $5.6 million.   Now where the hell is it in South Africa?

Soullies-Toucas, France.  it's a 20-minute drive from Hyeres on the Cote d'Azur.  You will never lack for company; just ask Peter Mayles.  $8.8 million.

Preservationists have coined the word "archicide" which combines architecture and suicide to chastise the communities that permit historical buildings to be bulldozed.  Can't you hear them hissing, "Take that!"

There is a mention in the front of the book for "Dom Perignon by Jeff Koons" followed by a full page ad and at the very back of the book yet another mention.   Jeff Koons is an artist with a cartoon-like delivery.  You may have seen his "Dog" in the lobby of the Palm Springs Art Museum.

Koons built a container for a bottle of Rose Vintage 2003 or a Blanc Vintage 2004 that looks like balloon-made statue of a naked woman.  her belly is missing, the better to display the label on the champagne bottle. 

Given all of the extremely  expensive advertising, I thought each bottle would probably be in the $5,000 per bottle range, but no!  $340 for the Rose; $180 for the Blanc.  Koons balloons must have been made in China.

Just as well I'll never have that kind of money.  $340 for a single bottle of champagne?  Don't be ridiculous!

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