Saturday, November 9, 2013

* Public Service Announcement *

Television viewing may be harmful to both your health and your finances.

A case in point:  the Galumphies, Mr. and Mrs., were watching television and the Missus remarked on a commercial being shown that screamed "One in three adults will get shingles!"

She knew that shingles are related to chicken pox which most of us have had as children.  She remembered that her case was so severe she even had the blisters on her gums!  Surely, shingles were lurking just around the corner to pounce on her!

She turned to Himself, "Did you have chicken pox when you were a kit?"  He shrugged and said, "Dunno" and turned his attentions back to the television. 

The Missus reached out in alarm for their friend, "Raffish," who is a medical doctor.  He thought the shot would be a good idea for Himself.

The very next afternoon, the Missus began her quest.  She called their pharmacy and asked if they were giving that shot because she knew they were doing flu shots.

"Oh, no," the pharmacist said, "It has to be kept at a certain temperature and the process of delivering it to pharmacies could render it unusable."

She knew if she made an appointment with the doctor so much time would pass that she would have forgotten why she had wanted to see him.  So she turned to Urgent Care instead.  Yes, her favorite doctor was working; they were open until 7 p.m. but the pharmacy closed at 6.  

Agitated, she turned to Himself and told him they had to leave right now!  He turned balky and moodily said, "I don't know if I need this..."  She threw up her hands and said, "Yes. You. Do" and they were off.  

After spending 45 minutes in the reception area, they were called to the desk and told that since this was urgent care, insurance wouldn't cover it and they would have to pay it.  She added that if they saw their "regular doctor" insurance would pay for it.  They thanked her politely and went straight to the pharmacy across the lobby.  They were told the shots are $210 per person.  

On the way home, they decided that the next time they had to see a doctor, they'd ask for the shots but until that time came, they'd just take their chances.

The Missus, having gotten over sticker - rather shot - shock figured something out.  The drug company could easily afford multiple commercials in prime time.  Look what they charged per shot! 

She resolved to ignore such ads in the future.   

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