Thursday, November 28, 2013

A Somewhat Triste Thanksgiving...

Dinner is over; the food is put away, the plates scraped and in the dishwasher and the pots and pans all scrubbed.  The turkey roaster is bagged and ready to go back to the garage until next year. 

The three of us (Richie, our adopted nephew "Raffish" and the cook - me) sat down to an amuse bouche of slice of pear, wrapped in hot sopressato, smeared with Carambolo with a little honey drizzled on it.  We segued into black pepper and sage-rubbed turkey breast, stuffing, gravy and Ignoble Green Beans (canned French-cut green- beans with cream of mushroom soup and French's onion rings) with cornbread squares with corn and chopped jalapenos, butter and honey.  Richie's pumpkin pie for dessert which, I assure you, did not come immediately after the meal.  We needed to recoup!

When "Raffish" said, "Who all was here last year?" it triggered memories - Bob and Pat, who have since moved away; John and Angie, who took turns because a year ago, their kids were 2 and 3 months; T,  and "D" and the three of us. 

This year,l John, Angie and the kids came over in the morning for almond Danish and a bottle of Sparkling Apple juice (thanks for the bubbly!  Am not about to quit drinking, but good to know there's a fall-back position, if necessary);  T's car needs a new drive shaft and he's not going anywhere; "D" is in Chicago with his ailing mother and so it goes. 

"Life" is movement, but it's also change.  I accept that (and we had a good if somewhat subdued good time) but admittedly, I rather longed for the Good Old Days. 

However, I know that finishing off the second bottle of peach champagne will cheer me up!  Richie is watching a football game and "Raffish" is "taking a 10 minute nap."  They never would have dared -- or been interested in these things - last year.  

I'm thankful for champagne! 

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