Saturday, November 23, 2013


Saturday is no longer a day for Richie and self to run errands because we were working all week.  Saturday doesn't have any urgency to "Get it all done today!"  so we can putter all day Sunday. 

So since it is a "regular" day here, I had time to do some thinking while I showered...

Very Good Business!
Recently Truck required some work.  Three days after I got her back, we got a thank you card in the mail.  It showed a watercolor of a bottle on a white sandy beach with a turquoise sea receding into the distance.  The caption said, "Just a note to say "Thank you" (open) It has been a pleasure serving you and we want you to know we appreciate your business. Thank you, (hand-signed) Joe."  Enclosed were two business cards for Joe Kerby Auto Repair -

You can never say "thank you" enough and in this computer-driven world, the card was a very nice surprise.

Every time a black person plays the race card on a white person, the black person is automatically ceding superiority to the white.  The black person is, in essence, saying "All I've got going for me is the color of my skin."

Er, how about citing something else instead?  A degree in engineering "And that's why it won't work" or education - "I've been teaching for 35 years and..."  Anything that justifies your side of the argument intellectually.  We all have skins.  The color they might happen to be is irrelevant. 

The Tidy Cat
A friend down in Texas wrote this morning and she mentioned that there is a small area between their house and the fence which is graveled (against flooding.)  She said Daisy, the dog, will sometimes pee there and when she does, Red the cat, "neat and tidy soul that he is" goes out and covers it with gravel.  He seems to be saying, "That is just not acceptable, Daisy."   Thanks for a good laugh, Suzanne!

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