Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Follow That Beer Truck!

Richie and I were cruising north on Catalina heading for home port.  Light traffic so we noticed a beer truck with the name of a beer we'd never heard of - Duvel - Brussels - on its sides.

Intrigued, we agreed we'd never heard of it.  The truck moved over into the left turn lane and Richie followed suit!  We tailed the beer truck until it made the light and we got caught.  But we were down by the north side of the Pier and there are only two restaurants down there (Captain Kidd's and On The Rocks) so no worries; both are easily visible to passing traffic.

But no!  The truck turned into the Pier parking.  Nadja's House of 700 beers?  Quickly Richie parked in the free parking at Kidd's and started to walk into the Pier area (it's free.)

He reported the driver was unloading at what used to be the Happy Clam resto  and then Luey Louis  and is now yet a different restaurant.  And neither one of us can remember it's name. 

But, since we know where to go for a taste of a Duvel, no problem.  Their opening on the Website says:  "Hello - are you of legal drinking age?" and you have to click "Yes" to get in.  Cute but not tremendously useful.

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