Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Stocking Stuffers

I'm not confused.  I know that tomorrow we will stuff the turkey. 

But Christmas is hurtling toward us - our two Christmas tree lots are up and ready for the trees to come in.  The economy is such that there will be more people in the stores, desperately bargain hunting.

So, when given the chance, take advantage and get it all done now! 

Which brings me to this (and you thought I'd never get here.)  A dear friend shared some of the chocolates her adoring son had given her.  They were German-made with a chocolate-covered peanut "crust" then a layer of hardened sugar and finally about a teaspoon of liqueurs such as Drambuie, Limoncello and so forth.

The hard interior sugar shell interested me greatly because it's such a good idea.  The unwary bite in, the sugar breaks and your mouth is flooded with a liqueur!

She said he'd gotten them at Alpine Village, Torrance, a collection of:  very spacious restaurant and bar with a separate German grocery store next to the swap meet parking lot.   Yes, lots of amusements conveniently in one location.  

They had them!  I got a 250 gram box with four flavors in white chocolate (genius):  Jamaica Run, Kir Royal, Bellini and Daiquiri.  ($10.95) In fact, I got two boxes.  And another box - slender, this time that would actually slide into a spacious stocking Asbord Pralines with Kirschen.($9.95) 

Triumpf is the maker; Edle Tropfen in Nuss is the four-drink tastes box; Edle Kirschen is the pralines. 

"Hey, Santa - you don't even have to slow down over our house!  I gotcher back."

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