Thursday, November 7, 2013

Buy Yourself Into Celebrity Status!

No need in today's world to work to be noticed and fawned over.  My dear, you can now buy paparazzi to follow your every public move! 

H/T to Barbara McCullough who sent me an American Way inflight magazine because it had an article on British cooking.  It also had an article on purchasing four paparazzi to follow you around taking pictures of adorable you. 

This was, to say the least, a new concept to me.  Bought and paid-for celebrity status?  Why would anyone want that?   Doesn't make sense, especially if you're on the lam from an irate spouse or in the Witness Protection program.

The article's author describes himself as having  "a face best suited for AM radio in rural areas" that didn't bear any resemblance to any males of note.

But it turns out that didn't matter on the streets of Manhattan.  People - perfectly ordinary people - stopped, looked and then crowded around taking photos with their  phones of a person none of them had ever seen before (and likely would never see again) and asking for a shot with the "celebrity"!

I visited the Website -  - to see what this purchased adoration might cost.  The only package offered was for a full day of being escorted around and shown "famous, secret places" where celebs might be found as well, of course, as being one of them as well.  "Look!  I've  got paparazzi, too!" pose, turn, smile.

Cities currently available are New York, Los Angeles and San Francisco and the cost was listed as $800.

Let me tell you a better deal.  Richie and I both have cameras and we'd do it for $500.  Both of us are as bold as brass and would have no compunction whatsoever about yelling, "Look!  Look!" and pointing our fingers at you while bobbing and weaving to take your picture.  And you'd have $300 left to pay for all the prints!  What a Christmas card photo, eh? 

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