Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Get Your Shoes Tattoo-ed!

Yesterday I was on deadline, today I'm not so I went back to and browsed a bit. 

Getting a pair of Oliver Sweeney men's shoes tattoo-ed by artist Henry Hale appeals to me for the avant garde thrill of it all  - "Tattoo-ed shoes! You saved your skin!""and disappoints me as it is so very, very obviously, "Look at me!  Look at me!"

The site was not forth giving on exactly the process or the cost.  All I could glean was the pair of shoes pictured was $314  (no mention how much extra money you will have to spend to have one Henry Hale tattoo them.)

Sweeney has "invented" the Anatomical Last, famed because Sweeney includes the big toe in the last to mimic the true shape of the foot.  Our toes are (generally) set at an angle from biggest to littlest and Sweeney believes this is critical to a well-fitted shoe. 

As I would never spend that kind of money on shoes, I'll never know.  Richie might.  He once spent $400 on a pair of cowboy boots...

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