Sunday, October 21, 2012

Yesterday Gets A Mixed Review

Over breakfast, Richie said, "There are two things I want to do today - the library book sale and then the clam chowder cook-off down on the Pier."  I shrugged, "Okay."  I can always use more books and while he takes in and tastes at the cook-off, I'll find a quiet table in one of the many Pier restos and eat and read my book.  I don't like clam chowder.  Both parties should be as happy as clams.  (Couldn't resist.)  ((But I should have.))

The book sale was a better deal than I had thought 50 per cent off the price sticker on the book.

Because this chowder cook-off had been cancelled at the last minute previously, we decided to roll through the underground parking lot to see where it was before we parked.  It was nowhere to be seen and since we hadn't logged any time looking for it, we didn't have to pay any parking.

We decided to go "up top" at the Pier (now sign-boarded for some inexplicable reason as "The Redondo Landing" for an overlook of the entire Pier area.  Once again it wasn't anywhere to be seen.

Since we were next to it, we decided to have lunch at The Boiling Shrimp.  "Up top" is mainly office buildings, all New England-themed. 

We went in, were shown to a corner table and ordered.  We decided to split a bucket of crawfish which comes with your choice of sauces -- Louisisana, lemon-pepper, butter and garlic or a "medley" which is all of them thrown together.  We ordered that.  All of the sauces can be adjusted as to degree of "hot."  The medley was very good.

Soon we were given an oiled- paper table cloth, a shell discards plate and fork and glasses of water.  The crawfish come steaming hot  in a closed plastic bag in an orange plastic bucket.  

The crawfish were good, but even a bucket is a meagre serving since we don't "suck the heads" (How vulgar!)  We only eat the tails which are one small bite each.  Slices of lemon and chunks of red potato and the crawfish and that was it.  More of a surprise (and not a pleasant one) was the fact that halfway through the bucket there was nothing more but a pile of crawfish claws!  They are, to say the least, minuscule and not even worth messing with.  "What a gyp," I thought indignantly.

Richie paid; it was only $10, and now we know.  If I go back, I'm going for the Alaskan king crab; there's nothing "little" about them.  

We left and I was still hungry.  Because the calories had been few, I suggested that I treat us to an apple fritter as we could "afford" the calories.

Our favorite donut place was out of them.  So was the shop Richie remembered.  The third place was out, but did have apple bear claws, so I bought a pair of them in sheer desperation.

So -- the book sale was a steal; we learned not to order crawfish at the Boiling Shrimp and that if we wanted an apple fritter, we'd better damn well get it in the morning before lunch time.  A day of learning all around...

125 W. Torrance, Redondo Beach*

* This is misleading so here's how to find it -- go west on Torrance and on the driveway that circles the front of the Pier take the first right you come to, push the button for a parking ticket and continue up the slight incline.  The Boiling Shrimp will be on your left.

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