Sunday, October 14, 2012

A Promising Day...

We woke up to sun - glorious sun! 

Both papers were out in the driveway.  (Sometimes they aren't.)

I only have one stubborn block left to solve in the LA Times crossword; the NY Times is going a helluva lot better than they have for the past three weeks.

This afternoon is the Jazz Club (more formally, the South Bay New Orleans Jazz Club) and they are always enjoyable.  Yes, of course, I'll have my notebook handy for any scandalous or amusing incidents.

Then we're going to try a restaurant new to us, just down the street  from the club named "Grillish."  Not "Girlish."  Can you imagine going to eat in a restaurant named Girlish?  Little teensy tea cakes and scones on doily-topped silver trays... Pass.

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