Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Consolation Prize!

We'd planned a Fall Family Tour in early October.  First to my sister and that family outside of Chicago and then on to Long Island to see Richie's brother and his family. 

I checked flights on a near-daily basis and something odd appeared -- all of the flights from LAX to Chicago were consistently over-sold.  And then our neighbor who works for MAA (a Major American Airline) told us the pilots were forcing cancellations by "discovering" mechanical problems.  There is no convenient way to get to New York from Chicago on MAA.  It's either Newark or La Guardia because there is only one flight a day to JFK, our airport of choice.    Collectively the whole picture looked so bad that we said the hell with it. 

But given the fact that we really wanted to do this, we're feeling a little ... let down.  Obviously we can't plan on flying anywhere so what do we love that we can drive to and from?   Palm Springs, that's what!

Ever on the hunt for new restaurants (and Palm Springs is surprisingly good at that) I went online and sure enough - three that we haven't tried!  And that actually sounded like they had good stuff behind their front doors.

Cheeky's, 622 W. Palm Canyon, Palm Springs  for breakfast and lunch.  "First of Fall apple omelet with sharp Cheddar and bacon - $9"  This is easily made at home - saute some slices of Grannie Smith in butter, and when they're done, pour in the well-beaten eggs and finish the omelet with a dusting of grated Cheddar.  Whether or not to crumble your bacon over that is Diner's Choice.

Tropicale, 330 E. Amado Road, Palm Springs  Richie and I could share this and eat nothing else and still be full.  The Pupu Platter - coconut shrimp, Thai chicken skewers, Korean beef skewers, spring rolls and Korean ribs.  Bring it on - $26, or $13 each.

Jake's, 664 N. Palm Canyon, Palm Springs    Lunch and dinner and a three course dinner for $29.  (Two days ago, it was $27 so we'd best not tarry here if we want in on this deal.)
Starter of soup or salad (including Caesar) and a main of chicken Milanese or meatloaf with macaroni and cheese or roasted salmon or fettucini or something called an "Eggplant Tower" and dessert. 

I'm feeling better by the minute!

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