Friday, October 12, 2012

My Error: Good Manners NOT Dead

This is an update of sorts on the poor, little house down the street.  As we drive past it nearly every day, it's easy to keep track of any changes that might occur.  None have so far.

The other day, Richie brought in the mail and, puzzled, handed me a letter -- not a magazine renewal nor a bill, but stationery!  A letter!  I raised an eyebrow as neither the sender's name nor return address were familiar.  Expecting a new way to solicit something, I opened it.

And discovered this nice note:

"Dear Nina -
Just wanted to follow up with you and let you know we looked up the owner for xxxx Wollacott.  According to the tax records, they live in XX, California.  We are in the process of contacting them to find out if they are interested in selling.  I'm sure a builder/investor would love to purchase that property.

Thank you for your courtesy when we were at your door.  It's not easy knocking on doors, most people are not as pleasant as you!

Thanks again, (signature)"

It was one of the real estate ladies from Re/Max.  The note was not typed on company paper, it was handwritten on pretty notepaper!  Truly, I had to sit down.

But as well as Good Manners was doing that day, I fear a major setback today after last night's debacle.  The actions of a 69 year old, badly-behaved child for all to see.  To interrupt the other guy 82 times?  To continue laughing for no apparent reason?  Oafish beat you last night, sigh.

But take heart, Good Manners -- they aren't all like that.  You will survive and flourish again.

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