Thursday, October 18, 2012

An Un-Cited, Very Local, Labor Statistic

Today - October 18, 2012 - The Drudge Report lists these statistics above-the-fold, so to speak:

Welfare soars 32 per cent in four years
Jobless claims rise (by) 46,000
Welfare is now at $1.3 Trillion

What is not making headlines nationally or even locally is this:  home contractors are clearly on their uppers.  We have averaged -- for more than a month -- three to five calls a week from home contractors, looking for work. 

(Phone rings)
Either one of us "Hello"
Merry voice:  "Hi, is this Mr./Miz Murphy?  This is Jack/Don/Billie/Andrew with (contracting company name) and we're going to be in your neighborhood today and would like to give you a free estimate..."
Either one of us:  "No thanks - have a good day."

Yesterday, she said modestly, was a Personal Best.  THREE of them called!

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