Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Quite Possibly More Than You Ever Wanted to Know About ...

Altoid's - "The Original Celebrated Curiously Strong Mints." 

Despite having been created in England during the reign of King George III in 1780, Altoids are not heavily marketed in their own country of origin.  When Wrigley purchased the company, they closed the factory in Wales and began manufacturing Altoids in Chattanooga, TN. 

Wondering about Altoids, I Googled and came across  altoids.com   which has all the information anyone could ever want on all the lines that Altoids makes.  Who knew they were into ginger or raspberry? 

The Web site also has games (help the farmer herd his sheep into the barn,) and an Altoids exam and the Altoids Museum collection. 

Altoids are sold in small metal boxes with a liner paper.  The liner on the box that I have remarks in passing that "For three days in 1924, Altoids were stronger than the U.S. dollar."  I wrote about a previous one that protects against "raven attacks."  When the box is empty, the back of the bottom of the wrapper offers more "cute."  Hamster acting up again?"  Make a dunce cap for it out of this wrapper.  An opportunity that I must say I had never considered.  I'd call this kind of humor "professional whimsy."

The boxes have a long life after being merely a mint container.   There have been contests and winners have included a (small) 1st aid kit; a tool kit for small electronics bits and bobs; an ash tray - the peppermint smell is supposed to disguise the cigarette (or joint) smell; a cuff links container. 

Some wag suggested making your own Altoids and listed the ingredients (but not the amounts) which are:   gum paste, powdered confectioner's sugar and flavored oil. 

Three pieces per serving equals 10 calories.  If you have nothing to do (as clearly I didn't) Help the Farmer Herd His Sheep should amuse for awhile. 

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