Sunday, August 14, 2011

A Most Unlikely Heroine

Her names are Cadence/Shiro/Adrienne Jones. She has Dissociative Identity Disorder - multiple personalities, each distinctive from the others. Cadence is the friendly one, Shiro, the warrior and Adrienne, the Very Bad Girl.

Okay, who among us can say that we are totally mentally okay? But the Jones ladies work as FBI agents (!) in a secret department called BOFFO (acronym never explained) as crime fighters. Her partner is a sociopath and also in the offices are a savant syndrome person (never say "Rain Man") and a kleptomaniac. He's extremely unuseful at crime scenes -- he steals stuff.

When the reader meets this weird crew, they are involved in finding the ThreePer serial killer. He always kills three people (usually the homeless) and leaves the bodies arranged in a tableau.

There's romance. Jones' best friend's handsome brother arrives to do romantic duties. It's chick-lit, but I've never run into a heroine(s) like this one in any genre!

What makes the book funny is the characters' acceptance of their own conditons and the others with whom they work. Jones muses on her sociopath partner, "They were just so darn unpredictable, not to mention unreliable when it came to pulling their weight at the Secret Santa party."

"Me, Myself and Why, A Modern Threesome" by Mary Jane Davidson St. Martin's 302 pages $24.99

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