Tuesday, June 21, 2011

This'n That

This is different! For "trendy," it puts the grilled watermelon salad in the corner.

10 red radishes, trimmed and quartered. Don't peel them. (As if!)
10 cloves garlic
1 teas. whole black peppercorns
Put these in a clean 1-qt. glass jar and add
2 cups distilled white vinegar
1 teas. kosher salt (I'd use a pinch of sea salt instead)
1 teas. sugar

Put the lid on tightly, shake the jar until the sugar/salt dissolves and put it in the refrigerator. For the next three days, take it out once a day and shake it. Start eating on Day 4.

Michelle, my French friend, taught me this -- when you buy basil or cilantro (or any other herb like them) put them in a big water glass with about half-an-inch of water. Leave it out on the counter. Change the water daily and they'll stay green and leafy until they're used up.
Feeling ambitious? Want to cook a whole fish? Be sure to score it deeply before you put it on the fire says chef Eric Werner. The cuts distribute heat so that the fish cooks more evenly and also a lot faster.
We had to call the paramedics for a guest (ongoing illness) at Richie's birthday party. He recovered and worriedly said he hoped that the drama hadn't detracted from the party. I said, truthfully, "No! No! All over America people were lighting boring birthday candles, but we had two ambulances and a fire engine, all flashing their lights! You put the party right over the top!"
This is a headline in today's Drudge Report:
Cops Bust Amish Sexter Who Sought Buggy Tryst with 12 year-old-Girl.

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