Saturday, June 25, 2011

Summer Springs Forth! - Sorta

Today, June 25th, is still June Gloom, a traditional season here in Southern California. It is a marine layer that dims the sunlight every single damned day until early or mid-afternoon. It does not give many people the urge to git up and go!

But we do have diversions. This weekend it's the annual street fair in Riviera Village, the southern end of Redondo Beach. It's a small, quaint shopping/restaurants area, where once a year, the streets are blocked off and various sorts of revelry take place.

Live music -- tribute bands such as Sgt. Pepper Band, Tres Hombres, Purple Haze plus arts and crafts, carnival rides for the kiddies, a beer garden and an international food court which has been a major disappointment in the past. I did hear mention that this year, it would be food trucks, the newest sensation among the Twitter set.

Of note, admission is free and you can park at South High School and ride a free shuttle to Avenue I and Catalina where it's being held.

Yes, summer is kicking off somewhere -- just not so much here.

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