Thursday, June 9, 2011


When this column gets a response, as in a comment from a reader, I am beyond delighted. Finally! A dialogue, not a monologue of me spouting off! All right!

I am especially grateful to "Kattytrick" for the positive remarks, to Richie's lovely cousin in Florida and now comes this from "TNWT" re the piece written on Wine Tasting, Texas-style. In its entirety:

"Norton/Cynthiana Grape: A recent study done at Florida A & M has narrowed down the parentage. Parker, Brodollo and Colova published a paper in Acta Horticulturae in 2009 that states, based on DNA analysis, that V. aestivaltis, V. labrusca and V. vinifera are all involved in the parentage of Noton. The vinifera cultivar is 'Chasselas.' The researchers also discovered that PD resistance is derived from V. aestivalis. They also found out that Norton and Cynthiara are genetically identical, ergo, they are the same cultivar. Dr. Eric Staphne, Oklahoma State University, Dec. 1, 2010."

I would personally write a proper "thank you" note, but the column deal is set up so that I can't. Thank you. Your taking the time to write is very much appreciated.

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