Monday, June 6, 2011

Huell Howser's Biggest Fan

Huell is a PBS broadcaster who specializes in California -- visiting it and also extolling any "green" things he can find about our fair state. A former Marine (and still brawny-armed) he has a Tinn-a-see accent?

And the slightest little thing can set him off into gales of enthusiasm - "Wait a minute! OH MAH GOSH!? That's a COW!"

All last week he was exploring donuts - where the best are found, how they're made -- on and on about donuts. Richie watched intently. He may even have been taking notes for all I know. Friday, National Donut Day, he insisted we buy a pair of apple crisps for personal consumption.

Saturday, he took a box of a dozen donuts to the CERT picnic and periodically would wander past the food table to see how many were left. (Three when we took off.)

I dread the day Huell gets orgiastic about something like chewing tobacco or raising goats...

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