Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Other People's Blogs

A tip of my hat to Richie's cousin, Ruth Ellen, who sent a newspaper article on a blog called What's Good At Trader Joe's? (

Nathan and Sonia Rodgers and their friend Russ Shelly taste and tell. Some of their favorites? Pomegranite lemonade, pear cinnamon cider, soy chorizo???

When I googled the phrase, all kinds of sites popped up. Might be a good rainy day occupation, reading what people like and don't like. I enjoy controversy, even if from a distance.

Speaking of controversy, White House reporter/blogger Keith Koffler runs an interesting column called White House Dossier ( that I enjoy very much because it is definitely NOT mainstream media reporting.

I am amused at all the yelling about re-labeling cigarette packages with Dire Warnings - This Could Happen To You! The great brain that came up with this one probably doesn't know that cigarette cases have been around since the 1920s. It was considered 'way chic-er to have a metal, possibly jeweled or initialed, cigarette case rather than the original package.

And speaking of labels, how come alcohol does not have the same warning labels that cigarettes do? You might cause an accident while driving and lighting up, but for sure you will if you've been drinking and are driving.

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