Tuesday, June 14, 2011

The Third Time Is NOT A Charm

In one day, two of our friends got comped for food in a restaurant -- one lunch that wasn't ready on time and one dessert that wasn't either -- it was frozen.

Last night we got a free appetizer and here is how it almost killed me.

Charlie and Rosalind are staying with their daughter, who is a vegetarian. Her help does cook meat for C amd R, but she doesn't like leftovers (some childhood trauma, no doubt) so she serves sparse portions. We thought they'd like to positively wallow in beef so we went to Union Cattle Co. unioncattlecompany.com (Previously reviewed.)

We haven't been up to the third floor, open air patio in years, but thought they'd like it. So, up a very dark stairway we trudged. Charlie didn't like it -- too sunny. So we tried the middle floor, but the tables and seats were uncomfortable. In unison, we said, "Downstairs."

I was last down the dark stairs. I was back in the light, eyes adjusting two steps up from the marble reception floor. I missed the bottom step and went sailing out into space. I'm told I made a rather dramatic entrance, landing on my left knee, skidding onto my right, turning in mid-fall to crack my head on the marble floor. Meanwhile (funniest of all) my right arm slammed into my right breast which slammed against whatever rib is under there and strained it.

Much solicitous help. Band-Aids and ice brought to our table. The minor bump on my head had a shot of ice and disappeared. The knee quit bleeding. It all hurt like hell and I was in mild shock (fully oriented X4.)

The General Manager came over, apologized and said, "Any appetizer on the menu - gratis" and departed. Rosalind got a glean in her eye and said, "I think the lobster quesadilla, don't you?"

I nibbled quickly, not really hungry and went outside to walk off my knees. The receptionist and I got to talking and she said, confidentially, "I fell here yesterday ... to be fair, the floor was wet" (brightening) and the day before that a lady fell down and she was furious! She screamed and threatened...(indignantly) She wasn't a trouper like you!"

Compliments are always well received, but so is a fully comped dinner!

P.S. As we left, we noticed that the stairway blazed like the runway at LAX. Someone had forgotten to turn on the lights and we didn't know to ask.

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