Wednesday, April 21, 2010

This Just In

Alert Readers will remember that last week I failed the written exam for the California driver's test. I went back this morning, around 9 a.m., and this time the line stretched all the way around to the back of the building. It reassured me that I got to go in the side door to the tester. Since no one had made it that far yet -- it's the last thing you do -- the guy wasn't busy.

He handed me the test and said, "Just take all the questions on the front of the test."

"I don't have to do the back?"

"No, just the front." I thought that since this was my second go at it, that I was being excused from the back. I did it, handed it in and he graded it. I passed!

So then I asked, "Why didn't I have to do the back?" and he said, "We only use the test on the front."

I didn't ask why the back was printed, too. Granted it's my tax dollars, but there are times to leave well enough alone.

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