Monday, April 26, 2010

Not Exactly Pearl Mesta...

Yesterday afternoon, we celebrated my birthday with a small party at Las Brisas, Redondo.

The restaurant staff took the half-sheet cake and put it in the refrigerator. Guests began arriving in a timely fashion and I enjoyed greeting and seating them. The party began to gain momentum; everyone had a beverage of their choice.

What they didn't have was any appetizers! I forgot to order them when the first guests began showing up. Las Bisas stepped in with alacrity and soon each of the three tables had nachos supreme or ole grande quesadillas.

Menus were given out, dinners were ordered and eaten. Guests continued to visit and enjoy libations. Right after the first wave of them had left, I remembered: The Birthday Cake!

Quickly it was brought out, photographed, admired and some small slices taken. We left with about 2/3ds of it and this was after restaurant staff had had a crack at it.

It was a carrot cake with a pineapple layer and cream cheese frosting. A more apt label would have been: IDIOT!

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