Thursday, April 1, 2010


This is our friend "Ratty," a Norwegian Roof Rat. Try saying that quickly! It always comes out "Norwegian Woof Watt" when I do.
Ratty is not an inside pet. We first encountered him one summer dusk when he scampered out of the avocado tree and onto our balcony railing. He'd come to eat the peanuts we leave out for the blue jays.
We were startled to see An Actual Rat on OUR balcony, but since Ratty ran away at the slightest noise, we weren't afraid of him.
Even our two cats grew accustomed to the sight of him; if they smelled him in their sleep, they never even twitched.
He would make his entrance when it was coming dark, hesitantly come out... wait, sniff the air for danger and then scuttle quickly over to the nearest peanut and drag it away. This was fine, FREE entertainment.
We looked forward to this nightly small drama. Now we are without it, for Ratty has left us for parts unknown.
We don't ask for his safe return, just to know that Somewhere he is slipping out, sniffing the air and making off with something. It would be reassuring.

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