Friday, April 2, 2010

Despite A Mother's Lessons...

Growing up in Kansas City, Mo., I was told repeatedly by my mother that there are three topics of conversation that are, or should be, forbidden. They are: politics, religion and how-to-raise children. Today we'd probably say, "Just don't go there!"

Last night the BBC was speculating about the Pope's possible speeches on Good Friday and then Easter regarding the Catholic church's massive child molestation scandal.

As I went downstairs to bed, I called up to Richie, "Are you still a Catholic after all of this?"
He said, "Yes. Are you still an American after Obama?"
I said, "Of course!"

I thought a moment and then yelled back up the stairs, "Wrong analogy - religion is a choice; citizenship is not. Even though both can be changed at a later date." Silence reigned from upstairs.

It's a rare ... discussion... when both parties win. Mother would have been proud.

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