Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Signs of the Approaching Armageddon

Possible or Probable Scam?
Stephen Baldwin, age 43, on of the infamous Baldwin brothers is being helped by a Web stie called RestoreStephenBaldwin.com. Restore him to what? you wonder. It seems that Mr. Baldwin has discovered Jesus and become a born-again Christian. As such, he has refused to work in movies with sex or violence and is going broke, having "lost 70% of his income" for that reason.

Keeping It In the Family
Michael Jackson's mother Katherine is moving four of the seven children in her house to a condo, saying that at her age, she take care of them all. The children belong to one Alejandra Oaziaz and include her two with Randy Jackson, age 38, and her two with Randy's brother, Jermaine, age 55. She is not married (nor has she been) to either of the brothers.

Armagedden draws nigh...

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