Saturday, April 3, 2010


When we visited Michelle at her summer house in Bretagne, we went to the next town over's Farmers Market. What an array of stuff! Clothing, shoes, odds and ends, catering trucks -- and the macaroon maker. We bought a bag to enjoy with our coffee and enjoy we did!

Next day in Quimper, Richie spotted a "formal" macaroon maker in the big town square. This patisserie was devoted to them. Racks and racks... Of course we did!

Last Thursday, he clipped an article on macaroons and how to make them from the LA Times; Friday he bought a container of them at the Hermosa Beach Farmers Market. He has vowed to make his own.

I always encourage "French cooking" (unless it calls for offal; the French have an unfortunate affinity for such as kidneys, liver.)

On a whim I looked up "macaroons" and found to my shock that they really aren't French after all! The originals were made with ground almonds, were called "maccarone" and are Italian! However they're spelled they are treats for the English, Irish, Spanish, Indian and Turkish peoples. Since they don't contain wheat, they're kosher and often served at Passover. The St. Moritz Bakery, of Lomita (which I think is funny) bills theirs as "gluten free!" Theirs are dense, crumbly and sticky. What we ate in France are thin, light and flavored - cherry anyone? So common are they there that you can get them as dessert at McDonald's!

For a recipe, go to

OF NOTE: If your first name is Richard, today is Saint Richard's Day in the French Catholic calendar. Go out for dinner! Celebrate! And have a plate of macaroons for dessert!

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