Wednesday, December 10, 2008


Such Silliness!
National Public Radio's Joshua Wesson is a wine advisor for "The Splendid Table." He was interviewed about which wines with fast food? And before you get all giddy, a stern reminder that having an open container in your vehicle is a one-way ticket to jail.

Big Mac - the sauce is a nice combination of sweet and tart. So go for a slightly sweet or off-dry wine such as Gewurztraminer or Chenin Blanc.

Taco Bell Spicy Burritos - there's a reason most people drink beer with Mexican foods so look for a sparkling wine - not champagne, but perhaps Prosecco.

Twinkies - with that gloppy center, you need a palate cleanser - Asti Spumante!

Champagne is Good For You!
Cheryl Forberg, writing for Spry magazine, said so. Champagne flutes only hold 4 to 6 ounces; that's only 90 to 135 calories (versus 5,000 for egg nog.) The bubbles may force you to sip, not slug it down (another portion control.) Champagne is high in antioxidants "that may bost your brainpower."

Hey, It Worked...
Coming home from the gym, I was thinking pleasant thoughts about a Boar's Head hot dog for lunch (they aren't as junk-filled as other brands.) Then I remembered the only sandwich bread in the house was the heels. While I will be rude to get the baguette heel, I will not touch a heel of sandwich bread.

Then I remembered the hot dog at a South Texas golf tournament -- wrapped in a tortilla! Stuck the hot dog in the microwave, turned on the gas burner and warmed my tortilla, added a stip of Velveeta cheese down the middle of it and "buttered" the rest of it with mustard. The hot dog further melted the cheese and I rolled it up like a cigar and ate it. Worked like a charm!

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