Monday, December 1, 2008

The Holiday 5 & 10

No, not a dime store. I'm talking about weight gained during the run from Halloween ("Damned kids -- left me with all of this candy") through Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year's.

W magazine's December issue had a feature on how people such as chefs, restaurant critics and the extremely social ("Oh, dahling, during the season, we're out every night!") keep their slender figures.

In fairness, most of them work out on a daily basis. But of much more importance is the balance they employ -- if they eat a rich dinner, the next day they have broth or a salad or an egg-white omelet -- light meals, as compensation. They also dine on only a pair of appetizers or the main course -- no appetizer, no soup, no salad -- and they eat their vegetables.

They're referred to in this afticle as "Thin Foodies" meaning that they tuck right into the foie gras, pork bellies (said to be the rage sweeping Manhattan; doubtful) and so forth. One added, "And you can take home the petit fours -- a lot of people don't know that you can ask that your dessert be boxed."

Yet another said, "You might as well have your salad tossed in the kitchen -- you'll eat less of it" rather than asking for "Dressing on the side, please." Still, with a thick dressing, I prefer to have it on the side, dip my fork tines into it and then spear some salad.

Apparently, with prudence, it's possible to roll with the pigs at dinner and soar with the eagles at breakfast! All right!

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