Monday, December 8, 2008

Let's Have Some Fun!

Mondays are grim enough as a general rule and it looks like its going to rain out here (with any luck at all.)

A respondent to this morning's Dear Abby/Ann column wrote: Grandchildren are God's reward for not killing your teenagers.

I'm just back from visiting the Burnt Food Museum which is reasonably zany. Some wing nut has amassed a collection of burnt foods and periodically has exhibits of said burnt offerings.

Master Gardner Shepherd Ogden, of Cook's Garden: "Surround the garden with porous rocks, like cinder blocks. Collect the urine of carnivores (i.e. people) and douse the rocks with it. No creature big or small will cross the pee line." I think this would be a man's job, myself...

Problem: We're about to have an open house and I don't want to run back and forth with trays of mini-quiches to and from the kitchen. Solution: Richie's new crock pot -- which is a generous oval shape -- with about 1 in. of water in it and the clear lid turned upside down and filled with goodies! I'll have my OWN steam table!

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