Friday, December 19, 2008

For Your Consideration ...

* The Daily Breeze (our local paper) announced that the august City of Redondo Beach had a new Web site, all about the glorious things to do here. (Trust me, you can work through the list pretty quickly.) There is even a live feed from a Web camera! If you are at all curious about what life is like where we live, visit If you're sitting in a snowbank elsewhere and moaning about our sunshine, it's a fooler. At 6 a.m. today it was 43 degrees outside and 54 in our living room. Tomorrow's high is predicted to be 60; low 47. At 10:35 a.m., it is 63 inside and 55 outside...Caveat emptor...

*I'm not a lawyer, but this seems to be a logical idea to me. (If you are an attorney, you may well have an amusing moment in store...) A gay couple of some duration lives in a state which announces that gay marriage is now legal in that state. The happy couple, acting in good faith (a key phrase) files the appropriate paperwork, marries and then -- a year or three later, the state changes its mind and says "Gay marriages are not legal now." It seems to me that said gay couple could successfully sue for breach of contract against said state ...

* Basically an online clipping service, it's a good site for travelers -- it gives you information on hotels and restaurants all over the United States and many places in the world. If you're going to Aruba, Amalfi Coast, Abu Dhabi, Austin -- have a look -- it's

* From Jamie Olivers' "Cook with Jamie" -- it's the Bits and Bobs section near the end:
Chefs wear aprons because they can quickly pull them away from their bodies if they splash scalding water or oil on themselves.

If you're cooking a communal meal with family/friends and you drop oil or water on the floor -- alert them, stop what you're doing and immediately clean up the floor.

Keep your pot and pan handles turned away from the floor! Keep them over the counters or something. I learned this with our first bunch of cats -- I didn't want to be in a hurry and knock something on the stove off onto the kittens.

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