Sunday, December 21, 2008

On Entertaining

Last night we were lucky enough to have had 14 guests attend our open house. The nice thing about an open house - ours was from 3 to 7 p.m. -- is that they don't all descend upon you at once! They drift in and out again as gently as a summer tide. It's exciting when the doorbell rings yet again -- "Who can it be?" flying down the stairs to open the front door.

What really makes a party "go" are the guests. Ours varied in age (from 88 to 34) and there were eight men and six women. Having more men than women is a good thing -- they compete for the womens' attentions and you have built-in champagne bottle openers, tight cap twister offers and food platter passers! Men love to be useful.

Most of all it's the guests themselves -- sure of themselves, confident, curious about the others present, willing to ably participate in conversation, quick to laugh at a joke or quip -- all of ours were just that.

You could have a party and serve indifferent food, the drinks in washed-out tin cans with paper towels for napins and if you had guests as great as ours were -- your party would be a howling success! God bless'em, one and all.

P.S. Cats do not make good guests. They run under the bed at the sound of a doorbell.

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