Wednesday, February 10, 2021

The Biggest Family in Britain -

 22 children in one family - no multiple births such as twins or more.  Noel, then 18 and Sue, 14, began their roles as multiple breeders at those tender ages.  Today she's 44 and he's 47.  The manufacturing machinery is said to have been shut down by Mrs. Radford.  

The happy couple - married in 1992 and still now in 2021 - do though have six grandchildren!  

Questions that intrigued me - how do you feed everyone?  On a 300 lb/$ a week shopping bill.  

My God all of the birthday presents - 24 counting the parents/  Christmas must be a killer!   Photos show a lot of plastic?  Mylar? balloons and yet,   reading further  each kid got one a "big present" - sled, skates, bicycle .. and so on per year.  The Radfords have birthday and Christmas money saved and set aside solely for those items. 

And speaking of money, from whence does it come?  The Radford Pie Company purchased in 1999 which they own.  

Where the hell do they all live?  Heh heh this is cool.  They all live in what's called "a care home" in Britain and we would call The Old Folks Home.  Individual or shared rooms ..Very spacious living room (lounge.there) kitchen capable of feeding them all - I really think it was a stroke of genius.  

They are said to be going to Australia to spend a month with another family of many off-spring (but only 16.))  That is such hell I can't even bear to think about it.   The noise alone never mind the tearing around.  

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