Friday, February 12, 2021

Shrug Into Your Yokes, Oxen it's Your Year

It's your lunar year in Asian astrology.   You're a celebrant, to, if you were born in these years - 

'61- '73 - '85 - '97 - '09 - '21  along with these, your fellow oxen - Barack Obama, George Clooney and Napoleon Bonaparte.      What kind of people are they and you for that matter?  They are said to be calm, patient, stubborn but hate to be challenged.

You're said to get along well with Rats, Snakes, and Roosters.  But history advises you to avoid Tigers, Dragons, Horses and Sheep.  Fairly large crowd compared to who is compatible..

The element of the Ox is Earth

The energy you posses is Yin (what ever that means) 

Your season is Winter.  To which I would add and good luck on the Winter thing ... the snow is deep so far and unlikely to turn into Summer.  

Enjoy your year - there won't be another for 12 years.  Celebrate with enough Chinese Dumplings to get you easily through the Winter!

And if you haven't explored the Asian Zodiac - it can be fun -  For example - 

My sister - Rat

and weirdly her first grandchild is also a Rat!  how often do you think that happens?  Have a look as you stuff down the dumplings!

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Wander Mo said...

Interesting, but made me think more than I like to about astrology. You Rat you.