Friday, February 5, 2021

Just In Time for the Game

Odds are good you have already stocked up on Super Bowl Snacks - Isn't the day's  banquet  why there  even IS a Super Bowl any how?  

This game is almost always boring but wait!  Back in 2019  didn't someone rebut me with the game between San Francisco - 55 and the Raiders 45?  

Enough about statistics. 

Let us move to our grocery lists "just in case" there is a forgotten idem.  These were all listed as Best in Show in various  medias?

Pizza cut in circles with a round cookie cutter;  deviled eggs are much loved; and home-made chili  will warm you on a nasty day.  Serve with taco chips or roll-up limp tortillas (little messy but, "Hey it's football! We're not out here to play patti-cake!  Brownies or ice cream (or both) for dessert and through out, the host's version of guacamole.  Sometimes these can be godawful good; others just godawful. Best of luck!  Oh!  GO Kansas City Chiefs!!!


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