Wednesday, January 13, 2021

St Nina - rah rah rah

 Having one is a big deal in the Catholic and Greek practices.  As  basically a Methodist, I knew nothing about the practice of having one let alone any idea when it is.   Michelle, my best friend set me straight  (Hers is January 29.)  Mine is today - January 13,  As far as I could ascertain there are no bad luck superstitions attached to this date.  

Most nuns try hard to support themselves, making various products to sell to sell laypersons is one of them.    An example that caught my eye: 

 St. Anne's Coffee - Nun Better. 

Google your saint and then pull up illustrations of   Mine were as scary as a real nun - the kind that are armed with a ruler pace back and forth up and down the classroom.  

St. Nina  seems not to have any celebration attached to her name, but I think that Richie will want to take us out to dinner anyhow tonight.  I plan to tell him that we can grab a bite while out looking for St. Anne's coffee.  I mean being a saint for heaven's sake (deliberate) should mean something!  All too frequently the saint dies in some horrible way - shot full of arrows for example - that's got to sting!

I was pleased to note that St. Nina died a natural death.  I wouldn't care to be ventilated by arrows.  


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