Saturday, January 9, 2021

Smart Mouth!

Colorful language (within bounds of course) can be quite amusing and  writers steal them with alacrity.  Writer or not, have a laugh anyhow.

He's about as useful as an ashtray on a motorcycle.  

One day you're the peacock; next day you're the feather duster.

Money thinks I'm dead.  

One day you're drinking wine; the next you're picking grapes.

I was so poor I had to fry up my nest egg

A new broom  might sweep clean but an old one knows the corners

Well!  who licked the red off of your

candy? i.e. what're you pissed off about?

Man (to a nearly nude lady in a bar )  "Ma'am? "Are you outside trying to get in or inside tryin' to get out?" 


The above are from that great book "And the Best Blog is Word of Mouth" by the one and only Nina Murphy.  Available at as well as Dave's Old Book Store. Artesia, Redondo Beach

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