Saturday, January 23, 2021

For a good turn-out at your funeral - Marry A LOT!

 If you are in  your early days - 20s' 39's - start marrying!  Down the road you're going to want lots of warm bodies there. Fill up them front rows!  The day will come. You don't have to set aside funds - at that age you won't have any extra cash that some greedy bitch can grab. 

I cite a few of the best examples - most recently that being this mornings news that radio/TV host Larry King has joined this ambitious and forward-planning  group. It now occurs to me that maybe Eight wives, at  age 87 killed him; not covid

I  had thought Mr. King was already dead - he certainly looked it (he didn't age at all well to say the least.)   I had wondered when they would finally put him under the grass? 

Perhaps all of those divorces were  little expensive but well worth it in the end.  And he certainly went through wives like  shit through a goose.  

Come to find out, he was not alone.  Two examples.: Musician Artie Shaw's most notable exes were:

 - Ava Gardner (Frank  Sinatra was not best pleased)(At all.)  Lana (Legs) Turner . 

Elizabeth Taylor married Richard Burton twice which I consider cheating.  Mike Todd, Michael Wilding, Senator John Warner

The Gabors were so numerous and subsequently so oft married (she always kept the rings and houses) that I lost track thus; this record would have quite probably been inexact.


Richie's niece is a specials eds teacher in Beverly Hills.  One day Larry King came stumping into her classroom without a "I'm sorry to intrude..."  He just slammed the door and bellowed "Where's my son?!

Kathleen has not forgotten and I doubt she'll be signing any condolence card.  

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