Sunday, January 17, 2021

Cousin Doug and the Plethora of Lobsters

 When my Cousin Doug heard that Richie and I were flying to New York to see Charlie, Richie's brother, and his wife Rosalind he invited himself and his wife  Jackie , to accompany us.  It seems that Doug had a long-lived desire to walk across the Brooklyn Bridge, which had not been mentioned until now. On to the subway and then forward ward to Coney Island crowned with a hotdog from Nathans.  T

here he distinguished (not) himself by making  a scene begging a female customer to "speak  Brooklynese!" He went on and on and on.  Doug is nothing if not persistent.  Jackie and I were horrified.   Finally the lady cracked and ripped of a paragraph or so in her (presumably native tongue." )

Got on the train back to Long Island where Charlie. wife and family  lived and Rosalind scolded us.  "I told you to get back in time for dinner!"  The rest of them repaired to the breezeway for  regenerating libations.  I slipped into the kitchen to ask Rosalind if I could help with dinner? And incidentally get a beer. Rosalind was busy heating four huge caldrons which later held the lobster.

"No, no," she fluttered, "we're just having lobster."  My jaw dropped.  Lobster for all us? Looking  around and counting noses.  Maybe she has a lobster casserole recipe that would stretch it ...Doug and Jackie, Charlie, Rosalind, us and oldest son Sean a bay man.  Charlie, himself was a former president of the  Bayman and former President  of the Bay men.  He was always having to go up to Albany on Bay business.

Charlie was a clammer; oldest son Sean was lobstering at the time of this visit and youngest son Bryan, was a clammer.  Sean provided the lobs (they're call that in the Hamptons)  for this night's dinner.  We ate with gusto, especially Doug.  Rosalind urged more and more lobster on us .

Doug looked at the the three enormous platters laden with lobster carcasses, looking more than somewhat full.  Looking up from one of them, he muttered, "I've never been offered lobster like this!  Am dreaming?Am I  'Would you like more?"  Rosalind, laughed and held out a platter, "  Sean caught  16 lobsters for dinner tonight - have at it!"

Doug would go on to tell this story in tones of wonder until he died.  (2019)

And we haven't forgotten it either. Last Thursday we went for dinner at Captain Kidds where the menu offers Lobster Rolls or Lobster Tacos.  And I'm sure we will one and tell tell and re-tell about Doug and the lobsters.  

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