Monday, February 4, 2019

So Then ...

A brief overview of the Meet the Authors - pictures to follow when the four downstairs doors are changed out and Himself can download the pictures he shot.  He likes to busy himself "helping" the workers.

Traditionally (and it's a bad one) these events are poorly attended unless the author is John Grisham or a movie star and his/her autobiography.  We didn't have any of those so we had to make-do with what we had.

Our audience (again with the tradition) was about 14 people and most of them were the rest of us South Bay Writers Workshop  not in the show and spouses.  We did have a number of them.  There was one big surprise for me.  I'd had a routine doctor's appointment Friday and,  of course, mentioned it.  She said she would like to come!  And she did!  I was so flabbergasted that I forced one of my books on her and then she surprised me further by asking me to autograph it!

This is a doctor, people!  Doctors are gods!  They can fix whatever went wrong with you!  You think a poor old writer, slogging away at a computer can do that?  Nun-huh.

And all of this despite roaring in and out again rain cells.  The library's underground garage really saved our bacon.  Thank you taxpayers!


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