Saturday, February 2, 2019

Not Exactly the Best Weather for an Event

Today from noon to 1 p.m. is the much-awaited "Meet the Authors" show featuring eight of the members with published books.   The idea is that each writer will be asked to tell a little bit about their book and then the audience is invited to ask questions of us.

How do we get ideas?  Do we have regular "office hours" - a part of the day set aside for writing.  And whatever else they come up with to ask.  I've got money on "How do I get published?

As for the weather - it's cold, very windy with occasional bursts of intense rain.  As I type this, the avocado tree branches are lashing the window, leaves dripping with rain.   Not auspicious to say the least.

But:  parking at the Redondo Beach Main Library is underground!  No puddle jumping across a parking lot!  If you can get from your house to your car without getting drenched or beaten to death by a flapping umbrella,  you'll be safe and dry!  Hop on the elevator and up you'll go to us on the second floor.   Look forward to seeing you - wet or not!  Bring $$$!

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