Tuesday, February 12, 2019

Bar Hopping... Electronics...Santa Barbara!

We saw something new at our hotel, the Quality Inn (a pleasant little place.)  There is clearly a sensor between the main room and the dressing/bathroom area.  Walk through the doorway and the lights turn on in them.  Somewhat disconcerting in the middle of the night.

Bottoms Up!  We went to a nearby bar called the Uptown Lounge at 3126 State Street.  They serve a limited menu of hot dogs, hamburgers and made-there pizza.   Which is why we came here rather than the late-afternoon bar up the street - the Tiburon Tavern at 3116 State Street which is very much a home bar to locals.  We were hungry.  And the only food was items from a snack machine.

While we sat at the Uptown Lounge bar, waiting for our food we noticed something very new (to us anyhow.)  It was a row of about eight draft beer dispensers.  "Big deal" you say.  The glasses were filled from the bottom of the glass up!

How could this be?  There was no visible opening in the bottom of the glass to let the beer in!  The bartender explained to us that the glass had a round, flat magnet inside the bottom of it.  When the glass was set on a slightly-raised ring below it, the magnet inside it moved aside or lifted - no idea) and the beer came roaring in.  

She went on to explain that the Uptown had the only one in all of Santa Barbara.  The brand name is Bottoms Up beer dispenser, made in Indiana.  It can pour 44 pints a minute or, if really pushed, 56 pints a minute.  At those speeds would be tempted to not sit at the bar, but at some distance to avoid flying foam.  

My only quibbles with Santa Barbara - all of the street names are designated by Mexican names.  No numbered streets - 11th, 21st Street - to help you get oriented. 

I mentioned the No Parking on the main drag yesterday.  But I haven't forgotten it. 

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